Saturday, December 01, 2012

Christmas is in the air

 It's December 1st and we're not the only ones getting the Christmas "bug". Yesterday I (Bethany) went to a special women's day at a local church in Melut where we celebrated nearing the end of this year and welcoming a new year. We also celebrated the beginning of Christmas season. Today was the first parade of the month. Every Saturday until Christmas, Christians in town gather and carol Dinka-style which means dancing, drumming, and singing at the top of their lungs through town. Others join along the way and then they end up at one of the local churches for a few prayers and then disperse.
     We commenced the month of December decorating our house with an artificial tree and a nativity scnene.

We are excited to celebrate Christmas in Melut this year. Our special gift will be welcoming Bethany's parents from Uganda on December 19th. They will stay for 3 weeks and will head back to Uganda on January 11th. May this be a meaningful Christmas brimming over with joy for all you we love so much

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