Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Camping with boys

The Gorge 
A couple weeks ago Eli and our boys had a fun opportunity to go camping overnight in a cool part of the Great Rift Valley called "Hell's Gate". They had fun exploring the Gorge, hiking, and even rock climbing and repelling.

What a view!

Their campsite

Sunrise climb

A Rock Hyrax

Our brave rock climber

The boys with a warthog skull

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Refreshment in Burundi

Fader Family in Burundi 

For Christmas this year, our gift from the Lord was to spend 3 1/2 weeks with most of Eli's family! Not only did we get a good chunk of time together but we got a chance to experience the lives of two of Eli's brothers and their families in a remote area in Burundi where they serve as missionaries.

Evan with his Opa working in the dirt

We enjoyed pitching in and helping with several projects. One of the things we did was plant flowers and a vegetable garden.

Motorcycles are always involved when the Faders get together!

A Source of the Nile
 Even though Burundi is a small country, it is full of many beautiful and exotic places to visit. During our visit we:  hiked to waterfalls, swam in hot springs, camped overnight in the wildnerness, found another source of the Nile River, and climbed pyramids.

Swimming in the hot springs

All the cousins on Christmas Morning

We were thrilled to get to meet our 6 month old nephew, Hudson. Originally we thought he'd be 3 by the time we met him for the first time!



Total Relaxation

Father/Son Rides

The Annual Hospital Party

Jason and Caleb, Eli's brothers, were both awarded gifts of appreciation by the Hospital Board.

Building an exam table for the hospital

Those of you who know Eli know that he loves projects. There were plenty of projects for him to do while we were in Burundi. In this photo, along with Evan and a Burundian fellow, they built an examination table for the hospital.

We are now in Kenya for a few weeks attending meetings and our annual conference with our SIM South Sudan team. We will fly back to South Sudan on February 2, feeling rested, refreshed, and ready for a new year.