Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Graduation - March 18th

Joshua is amazing at greeting people. On the primary school graduation we had hundreds of people on our compound and Joshua happily shook all of their hands!
Here we are: the 4 teachers at the Basic Education Learning Center. From left to right: Lori - science teacher from Wisconsin, USA; Victoria - Social Studies teacher from Nigeria; Asule - English and Bible teacher from Northeast India; Bethany - math teacher from ?

Yep, this was lunch! We killed 2 cows, 2 goats and 1 sheep! It took 5 hours to butcher the animals and cut up all the meat to be cooked for our 400 guests.

Lori and I just had to laugh as we printed off the graduation certificates, filled in the information with calligraphy pens and laminated them. Where did it all happen? On a dirty floor near a solar powered outlet!
On March 18, we graduated 29 students, 27 men and 2 women, from our accelerated primary school. In 3 1/2 years they went through Grade 1-8! It was a BIG day.
The ceremony was supposed to begin at 11 am but since our guest of honor never showed up we finally decided to go ahead and start a little before 2 pm! There were plenty of speeches, special songs, and a lot of loud applause. I even choked back tears a few times.
I have no doubt that God will use these 29 individuals to now lead the country of Sudan in the direction He has.