Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Meet our Entire Team

Recently all of those working in Sudan with SIM met together in Kenya for 5 days of fun, prayer, Bible study, eating, and re-focusing for the year. This picture communicates a lot. Represented here are people from Ethiopia, Wales, New Zealand, England, Kenya, Canada and America. Some are newborn and some are...experienced. But what a terrific and stretching time it was as we grew to know each other and heard what the past year has been like for each other. A new year is ahead so please continue to pray for the peace of Sudan to hold and the love of Christ to be share honestly and faithfully through our lives.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Evan and his friend Mary, share a plate of food

Celebrating Uduk style

Just a week before we flew out of Yabus, we joined two families in celebrating the birth of two children. When babies are born in the Uduk tribe, they stay inside their hut for 6 weeks. Once they're 6 weeks old, their parents take them to church to dedicate them to the Lord and the rest of the day is full of fellowship and feasting.
These two families are very good friends of ours. We spent the afternoon drinking lots of tea and coffee and eating. The menu included fish, chicken, pork, rice, lentil soup, and kisra (which is a large flat sour bread made from sorghum.)That was the day Isaac shocked me by eating a whole plate of kisra and soup by himself!
We feel so privleged to have friends like these and to be learning their culture and ways of life.

Some of our friends who work on the compound

Our donkey thinks he's part of the family

Keeping cool the fun way

A creative twist to breakfast