Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Our First Month back in America

Lots of Travels

April 13 - arrived in LA on British Airways after a very smooth trip 
First stop: a week with my sister and her family in sunny California

The boys were thrilled about our first McDonalds stop

Our free van which we called "God's Car"

Sweet Reunions with Special Friends

From California we traveled north and stopped to visit friends and supporters in Oregon and Washington. We spoke at a supporting church on Sunday and then began heading east, heading into some pretty cold weather and SNOW!

Yep, I sunk in the snow :)

Feeling a little chilly

So thankful for this van!

In Idaho with my roommate from college!

Crazy Evan insisted on wearing shorts and a t-shirt in the snow! 
We prefer picnics at rest stops rather than fast food

We found a cool Dinosaur Museum on our way thru Montana

We even went up into Manitoba to meet "heroes of the faith" we've been longing to meet.

Joshua testing out roller blading
 So now here we are in Naperville, IL, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the United States. We are having a very refreshing time with family friends and while we're here for 11 days, squeezing in some rest and family time between meetings, speaking engagements and reunions with friends.

These boys are such good sports in the midst of all this travel.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Rewind to April real quick: Recap of special Fader Reunion on the Kenyan coast

The view from our room
In April life started moving really quickly. For the first 7 marvelous days of the month, we reunited with most of Eli's family (missing one brother in law and 4 nephews in Michigan) and stayed together at a beautiful beach house in Mombasa, Kenya right on the Indian Ocean. We spent the days swimming, eating delicious sea food and tropical fruits, playing games and catching up on each other's lives.

The uncles taught the kids how to scuba dive in the pool

Josh did it!

My sister in law and I relaxing in the Indian Ocean.

Digging in the sand with Isaac

Uncle Eli with our youngest nephew, Gavin 
Games with Nana

We made cars in the sand for Liam to drive on the beach

Isaac showed off his lizard catching skills
All of us eating around our giant table!

Cousins sitting on the plane together

Feeling so relaxed and thankful at the end of our vacation together.