Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Photo Journal of Bethany's day today

 I carried my camera with me today so I could take you on a photo tour of one of my typical days. This is me in our van on the way to Arabic class at 8:30 in the morning.

 This is my wonderful Arabic teacher, Ms. Thanee. I feel like we've already become good friends.

 A picture of the city from our school window.

 This was the traffic on the way home. Can you believe this is Sudan?

 I was trying to show you the dust today. It began slowly in the morning but by afternoon the wind had really picked up and there was dust everywhere. My eyes are burning from all the dust in the air.

 This is the dusty sky in our neighborhood when we went out later in the afternoon.

 The boys are getting good at helping out around the house. Today Isaac helped me sweep up the dirt in the house. This was the pile of dust he swept from ONE ROOM in our house!

 Sam joined us for lunch and then he and Eli spent the afternoon together. First they went to the huge outdoor market to look for some tools and then Eli accompanied Sam to his English class.

 Around 4 pm we walked to the corner dukan (shop) to buy cold sodas on this hot day (dusty wind and no electricity which meant no fans or AC.)

 We buy a lot of our food staples from this shop. I send Isaac and Evan every morning for fresh local bread which is a lot like pita bread. It's just right around the corner from our house.

 A nice afternoon swim to cool down some more.

And lastly, Eli took the boys to get their haircut at the local barber in our neighborhood. They came home very bald but happy.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

A visit to the local hospital

 Mohammed is one of the boys' friends from school and he's also a neighbor. He had surgery this week so we went to visit him. Isaac and Evan picked out a few books and toys to take to keep him occupied. When we first arrived Mohammed was a little subdued but he cheered up real fast.