Sunday, September 06, 2015


Eli with some of the new believers in his discipleship class 
In order to survive here long term, one needs to be very very flexible. Plans rarely go as we anticipate and we have to learn to just "go with the flow" or we  end up very frustrated. This weekend seemed especially full of  "surprises" and I thank the Lord that He enabled us to be so flexible. As we allowed God to stretch us, trusting He knew what was going on even when we did not, we were so very encouraged by the outcome.

On Saturday morning Eli and I thought we would have a quiet, relaxing morning. The boys were out playing and we were sitting back enjoying the rest of our morning coffee. Eli was called outside by our guard and several minutes later he returned saying, "Well, our day has changed!" We were being called out to Kaya Camp, an hour drive from home, to meet with some of the young people of a very large tribe who are hungry for the gospel. So we packed some snacks, lots of water, and the kiddos and headed out.

As we met with a small group of representatives of that area, they urged again and again, "Please come teach us what the Bible says and teach us about Jesus!" 

The boys were amazing! While we met with different people they played soccer with all the children who came to see them. After the gathering in this camp, we headed to another camp where Eli usually teaches every Saturday. He has been teaching the Bible chronologically by story telling.

Not your typical "classroom" but everyone was paying close attention
 While Eli taught his lesson, the boys and I went to get a bite to eat in the market since we hadn't eaten since breakfast and it was now 3. Then the boys got their ball out again and played with more new friends while I went to visit a new friend.
We arrived back at home a little after 5 pm and we were exhausted but so thankful for such an incredible day.

This morning we planned to go out to worship with the Jumjum tribe. Little did Eli know that he would have to be flexible yet again. Spur of the moment, he was asked to preach and he did a wonderful job, teaching in Arabic while Peter translated it into their Jumjum language.

After church everyone files out of church, stands in a circle, and then we go through shaking everyone's hand.

What a beautiful walk!

Teaching Uno
 After church we went to sit and visit with some of the church folks. Eli and the boys taught the men how to play Uno while the ladies sat and drank tea and coffee.

Making tea and coffee

Funny things we see as we walk home. Apparently this sheep was an obstinate fellow and didn't feel like walking home from market!

Since it was already 2:30 and we hadn't eaten lunch yet, we stopped in the market to eat. This "restaurant" is owned by Ethiopians and it was delicious!

With full tummies, tired and hot, we arrived home with one thing in mind: a Sunday afternoon nap under a fan!