Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Change of Pace

The day before we left Melut, the boys caught their best catch of fish ever!

Then they had a big fish fry with all their friends. One of their mamas offered to fry it all up for them.

There was space in the back of the caravan plane so the boys played with their friend Rachel on the flight to Nairobi, Kenya
On our way we spent the night in a town called Lokichoggio which is on the border of Kenya and South Sudan
We got to eat burgers, fries and ice cream for supper! This is what we call, "initiation to R&R"!

On our first trip to the grocery store the boys picked out these gigantic lollipops that will take all week to eat!
We are so excited to have a month away to rest and be refreshed before heading back in May.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

A Large Lamb Feast

Evan welcomes the 2 sheep and goat that Eli bought in the market for the big occassion.

Butchering and cutting the meat was the men's job

The women began by chopping almost 2 buckets of onions!

This was my first time to clean sheep stomach - lovely!

Karen and Monica made delicious kebab

Cheya (fried meat)

Viola and Claire baked bread together

At 4 pm all the men gathered on our new veranda for tea and coffee

Amie and her girls decked out in lawas (traditional dress)

We had a lovely program thanking the Lord for the completion of 3 new houses

Eli shared a few words

Isaac got to do the drumming

After the program we walked over to each house to pray and commit them to the Lord. This is our house - we moved in a week ago.

Then the women got busy serving up the food

Quite a team effort!

Yohanna, one of our students, with a tray full of delicious food

Everyone really enjoyed the food

Providence played a game with the girls
It was a very full day of work but such a joy to celebrate with our GTC family all the amazing work the Lord has been doing on our campus in recent months. Glory to God!

Another new addition to our team here in Melut

  On Wednesday, April 3, we welcomed another new family to our team. The Bolands with Pioneers, have lived in Sudan before and spent a month here in Melut as a family in 2012. They've come back to stay. Jamie will be acting as academic dean and teaching in the college.

The student body and all their families gathered to sing and welcome the Boland family.

In chapel on Friday we welcomed Jamie and his wife Claudia and their two children: Tomasso (5) and Chiara (3).

Eli was very excited to hand over all academic dean responsibilities to Jamie. He stuck a heavy metal weight in the envelope of documents to symbolize the "heaviness" of his duties. :)

Jamie also publicly thanked Eli for all his hard work as academic dean over the last 9 months.