Tuesday, August 28, 2018

First days in Uganda

Carson enjoying the beauty of Uganda
 After a very smooth trip, we were so excited to learn about this new country we're moving to. The boys have enjoyed playing outside because it's so cool and beautiful here.

Crazy city traffic
 Driving around Kampala, the capital city of Uganda, has definitely been a big adjustment. As you can see in this picture, the roads are taken over with motorcycles. We are slowly learning our way around.
Carson and I enjoying the porch and cool weather

Last talks with Isaac ("you've got to shower every day and don't forget to wash your sheets every now and then...")
6 days after we arrived in Africa, Eli traveled to Kenya with Isaac to get him settled in his new school, Rift Valley Academy. It is an awesome school and being there confirmed to Eli that Isaac is ready for this step of independence. He's been super busy this first week of school but we are able to talk on the phone and he is really excited to be there. We, on the other hand, are missing him terribly!

Isaac moving into his room at school

What a gift! He gets to room with a long time friend.
This is such a God thing! Isaac has 3 other roommates and one of them is the son of our dear friends Phil and Emily Greene. He started at this school last year so he's been able to show Isaac around and help answer questions.
We get to live in the same country as my parents!
 A big perk about being in Uganda is that my parents still live here too. They are in a town about 4 hours away from the capital so they drove over to have a special family "send off" for Isaac and then to keep the other boys and I company while Eli was away.

Mimo cuddles

Enjoying delicious chai

My high school, life long friend, Emily, and I enjoying time together

Big ol' shopping spree for our new home - we filled 4 carts!
Kampala is not where we will be settling down. This is where our mission base is and where we'll pass through on our way to Kenya to visit Isaac or pick him up at the end of each term. So we have been shopping for what we might need in our new home. We will be moving to our next "stop" which is a town called Gulu, this Saturday. Eli has hired 2 vans to arrive at 6 am on Saturday morning. We will pack all our stuff in one and then all of us plus the extra stuff in the 2nd vehicle and make our way north to Gulu. We've been told the trip can be done in 5 hours without stops but Google maps said it takes 7 1/2 hours so we'll see how it goes with 2 boys, and infant and many many trunks of stuff.

The plan is that we'll be in Gulu town for at least the new few months. We will be house sitting and dog sitting for missionary friends and during that time will be working on where would be the best place for our family to settle. We would really appreciate prayer for wisdom regarding WHERE exactly in northern Uganda to live. 

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Safe and sound in Uganda

Our packed bags ready for departure
The last week in the States was a blur of packing, painting, cleaning and tearful goodbyes. But we are so grateful for all our dear friends who gave of their time to help us.

This is the crew who came to carry all our things up to our storage space the day before we left.

Dear friends ordered pizza to be delivered to our house for our last lunch

Though our travels were long they were uneventful and smooth. The big boys enjoyed watching many movies and Carson was a champ. The best answer to prayer of all was arriving in Uganda and all 20 of our bags showing up in tact.

Carson playing on the airport floor

We are staying at a beautiful place. Our favorite spot is the porch where we can see out on beautiful green uganda and hear all the birds singing.

Carson watching his brothers play in the front yard

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Gearing up for TRANSITION

We now have only 2 days left in South Carolina before loading about 15 pieces of baggage and our family onto a plane to fly across the globe to Uganda, the Pearl of Africa. We grow more excited every day and the house is getting emptier as we pack up.

We are delighted to report that God has answered prayer after prayer and in a way we couldn't have even hoped. We have all of Carson's important documents, just about all the house projects finished, and even sold our car. We are just waiting on confirmation from a family interested in renting our house and then everything will be done.

Tonight before the boys went to bed we spent some time talking about the transitions ahead of us and discussed how important it is to say goodbyes well, leave with no regrets, and how to have healthy, hopeful expectations for what is ahead. It was a really sweet time and I'm so thankful God gave us that pause in the midst of the crazy!

We fly out of Charlotte on Thursday at 1 pm so please say a prayer for us as you eat your lunch.