Friday, October 15, 2010

Making our own scarecrow

The boys have admired other scarecrows around the neighborhood as people get into the fall season. So today we decided to try to make one of our own. It was a great project with lots of laughs as you will see in our finished product:

South Carolina State Fair

Today we took the boys to their first fair. It was a blast! We left after almost 8 hours of non stop fun - rides, goodies to eat, a piggy race, dog show, animals and petting zoo, etc. Maybe it's good we only get to do this every four years.
Isaac's favorite was the smoked turkey leg.

This was taken from the top of the ferris wheel.

Petting the donkeys

Josh was a little nervous to get close to the cows. They were larger than he's used to seeing!

Even Eli and I got in on some of the rides!

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Eli's Mission on a Motorcycle

Yesterday, October 5th, Eli zipped up his full body all-weather suit and put on his helmet to begin his trek to Arkansas by motorcycle. "Why Arkansas?" you might ask. 3 reasons: to visit friends along the way, attend a wedding of another MK from Africa, and pick up his brother Caleb who just returned from 2 years in Uganda with the Peace Corps. Eli and Caleb will drive on one motorcycle all the way back to Columbia with all Caleb's stuff in a backpacker's pack and 2 saddle bags. :) This should be an exciting adventure.

Eli's been calling me several times a day to let me know he's safe and having a good drive. Last night he spent the night in Memphis and he should have arrived in Siloam Springs, Arkansas tonight.

He will be updating facebook along the way but I'll make sure he writes a report on our blog when he returns.

In other fun news, we close on our new house in only 9 days. We can't wait!