Saturday, July 28, 2018

Details of Carson's Adoption Story

This was that unreal moment when they placed a sweet baby boy in our arms and we were now in charge of caring for his every needs. We named him Carson John and the hospital gave us our own room in the hospital to bond with and care for Carson. He didn't leave our sides except for his different medical checkups.

Joy, fear, relief and most of all - a flood of love

Bonding with sweet Carson

Totally loved

This was a perfect representation of our days in the hospital: 
coffee, bottles and counting poopy diapers

Lots of skin to skin

1st smiles

Discharged from the hospital on day 3

As you can see by my face in the car, I was in total shock. Were we really allowed to take this sweet baby home? Since we were in another state, we still had to stay another few days before we were cleared to go home to SC but we had special friends to stay with. We began to get into a routine with feedings, diaper changes, and even our first walk outside.

Trying the baby wrap for the first time

Yep, I'm super happy!

1st pediatrician appt at 3 days old
We were actually at the doctor's office in this very room when we got the text from the lawyer that Carson's birth mom signed the papers to give up her rights. Still more shock, total thanksgiving and excitement.

Meeting the Fader grandparents
 When Carson was only a week old we were granted permission to return home to SC. We couldn't wait to get home and introduce him to his big brothers! They all wanted to hold him and cuddle him - we'd prayed for this baby for so long!

Joshua was already eager to learn how to change diapers.

Helping with feedings
Our first family walk

Meeting Mimo (Sorensen grandparents)


Meeting Uncle Stan

In July Carson got to meet his cousin Silas who was born the day after him!

Meeting Aunt Audrey

Aunt Alyssa came all the way from Michigan to meet Carson and be here for his court finalization
So this is our journey so far. Carson is now 3 months old, officially and forever ours, and now we're all working on his paperwork/passport so he will be ready to move to Uganda with us in only 3 weeks!

Sunday, July 22, 2018

The Final Month

Have you ever wondered what the final month in America is like for a missionary family? I am not writing this for pity or for you to feel bad for us. Rather, I was reminded by a friend the other day how hard it is for those who haven't moved their family overseas to understand what it's like and so I thought I'd explain a bit of the "season" we're in. If by chance you're wondering why we had to say no to coming over to your house for dinner or you're wondering why we have seemed distant or in our own little world, this is why:

Our List of Things To Do is looks like this this week:

1. Take down old back yard fence and rebuild new fence
2. Prune bushes and spruce up the yard for renters.
3. Pick out neutral paint colors to paint the inside of the house before we rent it out.
4. Have the house ready to show to potential renters at any time.
5. Finish shopping for each of the 6 members in our family for the next 3 years - the baby in particular is a fun challenge.
6. Sew name tags into all of Isaac's clothing for when he starts at Rift Valley Academy next month.
7. Write a prayer letter with photos to share with our supporters, friends and family where we're going next and what our ministry will be.
8. Edit our wills
9. Finish all paperwork for both SIM and AIM (we are now seconded to Africa Inland Mission so we have paperwork to do for them too.)
10. Make sure we all are up to date with immunizations including baby Carson.
11. Go to court on Friday the 27th to finalize our adoption!
12. Amend Carson's birth certificate with his real name.
13. Drive to Atlanta to apply for Carson's passport in person to speed up the process
14. Begin to pack up the whole house and pack it into the finished room over our garage.
15. Begin to pack and weigh each of our trunks (luggage)

And somehow in addition to all of this, Eli is finishing two difficult PhD courses and I'm trying to keep meals on the table, care for a 3 month old baby, and every now and then do something fun with the boys like take them to the pool since this is our summer after all. :)