Sunday, April 24, 2016

Another Unity Sunday

The Mabaan Girls choir 
We just returned to Doro after a 2 week break in Kenya which we needed - especially to have a break from the continual heat. This morning we were excited to head out to worship again with our Ingassana friends. We heard they'd been invited to join a Mabaan church in a nearby village called Pekaji so we drove out with 2 Uduk pastors, 3 Jumjum new believers, a visiting Ethiopian and Austrian! We drove until we met up with the Ingassana folks walking towards Pekaji and gave lifts to the church (it took a few trips.)

It was a lovely service (though it took 4 1/2 hours!) with many people singing, sharing testimonies and a wonderful sermon from John 14. 16 people responded to the altar call following the sermon.

Anur, the Ingassana leader from Gendrassa camp

Since the service lasted 4 1/2 hours we needed periodic water breaks
 After the service, Mabaan women served rice and lentils to everyone in the church, followed by rounds of juice, tea and coffee. They showed great hospitality and it was beautiful to see the men sitting in a circle, the women in a circle, and the youth in a circle. It was really neat to see the mingling taking place, especially since these two tribes have been so antagonistic towards each other over the last few years.

A quarter to 5 pm we arrived home - hot, dusty and tired - but with very full hearts. God continues to amaze us with how He's working in our county between these different tribes. It's been incredible to see their new love for each other and willingness to reconcile and move forward together. What a beautiful picture of the True Body of Christ!