Thursday, May 31, 2012

Back on the African continent and switching gears

  We have just returned to Kenya after an incredibly full and very blessed month in the States. We spent concentrated time with all the Fader side of the family and got to be a part of Eli's brother Caleb's wedding.

Caleb and Krista got married on May 19th and are now settling down in Chicago.

This is the whole Fader family: Eli's parents in the center with all four children, their spouses, and children. What a wonderful gift that we could spent this month with them! Now we have a week in Kenya to make final prepartions for our new move to Melut, a small village town on the Nile River near the border between North and South Sudan but in the south. We will fly to Melut on June 6 and hope to update you from there as we look forward to having internet there.

Monday, May 14, 2012

A special month in the States

In case our faithful readers are unaware, we have been in the States for 2 weeks now and are having a wonderful time. We spent a week with Eli's parents in Naperville, IL and Eli's sister Alyssa and her 4 boys surprised us by driving almost 4 hours from MI to see us our first day back!

 Eli's brother and his soon-to-be wife, Krista hosted a lovely brunch at Caleb's house with several friends we went to college with in Chicago.

The boys enjoyed helping Opa with several projects

 the kids are loving the beautiful parks/playgrounds!

We are enjoying every family meal, outing, and moment together. The wedding is this weekend so the fun will only increase. Thank you Lord for this incredible gift to be here!