Saturday, December 01, 2012

Women's Fellowship

One of our students here at GTC invited me to come join the women at his church in town for a celebration to commence the month of Christmas and prepare for the new year. The afternoon was full of special songs and dancing performed by each tribe: the Shilluk (pictured above), Dinka, and Nuer. It was a wonderful time to rejoice and celebrate together - I even joined in the dancing!

The women presented me with a kind gift - this beautiful hand-stitched "milaya" which they wear for special occasions but also doubles as a bed cover!

After a lot of dancing, we'd all worked up an appetite so each tribal group had prepared some of their traditional dishes to share together - potluck style.

This tray contained fish soup - you can see how large the fish was by its head's size in the bowl to the left. Also a sorghum dish that is native to the Dinka people.

These women were so happy and probably could have danced into the night. It was so special to be a part of it. Now the Christmas season begins. Every Saturday from now until Christmas, Christians will parade through town singing native Christmas songs and celebrating all month long!

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