Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We're in New York!

Well, to say that the flights went smoothly would be untrue. Mom and Dad Sorensen took us to the airport where we checked in with a couple heavy bags. We quickly repacked into a box and got the four bags checked in. We then boarded our plane and enjoyed a smooth flight to London. We landed at about 6 in the morning and soon found out that our flight was cancelled due to the ash cloud from mount eljfajldkjeoigaf in Iceland. We got a flight later in the early afternoon so we spent the day wondering around in the airport. This is where we began to see God's provision for us. 1. BA gave us 45 pounds (money not weight) to spend for the day. We enjoyed a delicious meal and several starbucks coffees. 2. The BA agent was able to change our connecting flight with Delta. We boarded the plane and there was an empty seat next to the guy next to Bethany. 3. He scooted over so that Josh could have a seat and Josh slept almost the whole flight to the States. As we were pulling out of London airport, the little car thing that pushes the airplane locked onto the wheels of the plane and promptly broke down. We waited two hours on the plane as they got the truck "unlocked" from the plane. It was ok though since Bethany had this extra seat for Josh. Because of the delay, we arrived at 6pm in NY and our connecting flight to Charlotte with Delta was at 6:30pm. We easily missed that one. As we were waiting for our bags, we heard our names over the intercom. Apparently we are the "Fatters". BA informed us that none of our bags made the flight but 4. that they had gone ahead and booked us on the next Delta flight since we missed our connection. Unfortunately, the flight was the next day at 2:45pm. I talked with the BA gentleman about arranging a hotel for us since it was BA that was delayed and had us miss our flight. He was not helpful. We went upstairs to try and find someone else from BA to talk to. I was standing in line and there was a BA lady behind the counter who listened patiently and then very kindly 5. arranged a hotel room with dinner and breakfast for us! The only problem was that since our ticket had been changed a couple times, BA informed us that we would probably pay a fine to Delta. We needed to go to the Delta terminal to talk with them. We made our way to Delta and waited in line. By this time, it was 3 in the morning (Kenya time) and the boys were crashing fast. The line was painfully slow but when I got up to the counter, the man was very helpful. He looked up our information and said, "hey, are you named Isaac?" No, I said, that is my son. "Oh, that is my name!" said the man behind the desk. 6. "There won't be any fine for you guys. Here are your tickets for tomorrow. Have a safe flight". So, here I am, writing an e-mail in a very fancy hotel in NYC as we wait for our afternoon flight. It hasn't been smooth but it has been fun to see how God provides. This morning we went downstairs and had a coupon for breakfast but it was only worth 7 dollars per person and the breakfast was 18.95. The lady graciously said 7. we could enjoy the buffet breakfast for no extra cost.
7 things God has provided for our trip. I guess it's been a perfect trip since 7 is the perfect number!


Anonymous said...

Wow...that is mind-boggling how God provided a blessing for everything that went wrong. Looking forward to seeing you guys once you get down to SC again!
Amy H. (from SAE)

Renae said...

But you r in the states:) I will pray that you get where God wants you to get when HE wants you to get there!