Sunday, August 16, 2015

Very full days but our hearts are full to overflowing too!

Delicious food made sweeter by the friends we ate with
 This was a very full weekend and we are tired out but our hearts are full. On Saturday we were invited out to a village called Dangagi, a 30-minute drive from Doro. We went to this village back in 2013 for the funeral of our Principal, Philip Eisa, and as Eli has been trying to meet the local Mabaan church leaders, our family was invited out for a small celebration in their village. It was a lovely time to get to know these strong men and women of the faith and to hear the history of Christianity and discipleship happening in this more remote place.

Marko, GTC grad on Eli's left and 2 local Mabaan pastors
 We reunited with our good friend, Marko, who graduated from GTC in 2013. It was wonderful to hear about the things He's doing now. He is head teacher of the school in his village and also an evangelist in the church.

   Then today we decided we wanted to go visit the Uduk church where so many of our Yabus friends attend. It has been 5 years since we worked and lived in Yabus and so it was wonderful to see so many friends and meet new children who have been added to their families. The church was a large grass-roofed structure with no walls but packed full of people. It was Baby Dedication Sunday and 7 new babies were dedicated to the Lord.
Uduk baby dedication - 7 babies dedicated!
 After church the men went off in one direction, the boys went off to play with friends and I was ushered into a small, very hot hut where all the mamas and new babies were. We drank a LOT of wonderful Sudanese coffee and tea. As you can see in the picture below, we were sweating like crazy but that didn't stop us from enjoying our coffee and fellowship together.
Good coffee makes you sweat :)

After eating and taking many pictures of the babies, we started our long walk home. I was thankful again for our three boys and what troopers they are to spend the whole day out in the camp in very hot, humid weather.


Leeann said...

Great photos! So exciting to see all those old friends!

nmc said...

Love the pictures! A full Sunday indeed. :-)

Audrey said...

Do husbands not dedicate their children with their wives? Is it only appropriate for the women to be there with their babies during dedication? I was just curious because I didn't see any fathers in the photo.