Monday, October 08, 2012

Four Fabulous days of Rest & Refreshment

We just got back from four days by the beautiful Lake Naivasha, only 2 hours out of the bustling city of Nairobi, Kenya.

We rented a little cabin for 3 nights and spend the days hiking, swimming, and venturing out to see animals.
 We enjoyed bonfires every night, complete with roasting marshmallows.

On one of our hikes Evan found a warthog jaw bone

We aren't sure what animal this was so we called it the mystery skull

What a spectacular view! We were so glad the boys enjoyed hiking.

We even got to walk out with the wild animals! At one place we weren't allowed out beyond a certain point because there were agressive buffaloes nearby.

Isaac and Evan find a tree to climb wherever they go!

Evan got really good at snorkeling this trip.

Food is a highlight wherever we go. We cooked our own meals at the cabin but ate out during the day at the lodges we visited. Now we're back in Nairobi with one week to go before we jump back on a small airplane and head home to Melut.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. So glad you had a chance for good family time! We love Crescent Island, too, but we REALLY LOVE YOU -
: ) h/j/a/a

Anonymous said...

Great family memories! I remember visiting Naivasha for the first time when I was 7. Your kids will remember those family times as some of the best in their lives. So glad you got to do that.