Monday, July 16, 2012

Creative Fun in the Mud

  When it rains here in Melut the mud turns into clay. So the day after a big rain you find children shaping all kinds of amazing things out of the mud. These boys had fashioned an entire house with rooms and furniture - even food on the plates on the tables!

 Another favorite game the day after a good rain are mud wars. The boys divide into 2 teams and gather large balls of mud/clay. Then they break off smaller pieces and throw them at each other. The mud usually leaves a mark and a bit of a sting - almost like paint ball! Isaac and Evan will play this game for hours!

 Isaac's got his big ball of mud, ready to use as ammo.

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Sandy said...

Bethany, I noticed that you commented on Heather's blog, Word and Deed! And am delighted to see that your family is doing well!

I am really enjoying reading stories about your work (and family, of course!)!

~Your Home-School Conference Friend in Ann Arbor, MI