Saturday, May 21, 2016

One Year Rememberance

Playing Uno in the UN Bunker in Melut, May 19, 2015

May 19, 2015, one year ago, was the day we had to quickly evacuate from our home in Melut, South Sudan. We had only just arrived 6 weeks earlier and were serving alongside our teammate, Claire, and South Sudanese Principal, Kur Deng, hoping to get the Bible College up and running with a whole new group of students. We were so excited to be back after a whole year back in the States praying about whether Melut would be stable enough for our family and if the college would be able to open again, even after war breaking out at the end of 2013. I remember those days clearly, even though they are a year away now. Those days were filled with - HOPE & ANTICIPATION.

I also vividly remember our emotions as we sat in our SIM guesthouse in Nairobi, Kenya wondering what was next for our family. We though we'd heard so clearly from the Lord to go back to Melut. We though God had BIG things in store for Gideon Theological College. And the truth is He did and still does. Eli and I know without a doubt that God clearly led us back to Melut for those precious 6 weeks to reconnect with friends, live in our home, even reunite with our silly, wild cat, Q-tip! But then He had other things in store. A year in Doro that we never could have imagined!

Looking back over the past year of our life, I am full of such powerful emotions, I can hardly stand it. I am in awe of our God, who nursed our wounds as we grieved over leaving Melut and our friends there, who took hold of our hands, weak as they were, and led us to Doro. Who provided a perfect house for the five of us and surrounded us with a wonderful team. And then - on top of everything else - showed us a whole new adventure He had for us - discipling seekers and new believers among the Ingassana tribe in three camps outside of Doro. Has had provided again and again. blowing us away with His generosity and perfect timing and causing our faith to grow in leaps and bounds. We are still very humbled by our ordinary selves and the fact that He is calling us to some BIG things, but we try to take one day at a time, grabbing hold of the Grace He gives us each day for what He's placed before us.

Friends, our God is Great. I have no words to express how thankful and in awe I am of our God. His mercies endure forever. Great is His Faithfulness!


Jared Staples said...

Yes, great is His faithfulness!

Jared Staples said...

Yes, great is His faithfulness!

T. W. said...

I pray for peace and hope you can open the college again.