Friday, March 18, 2016

Evan's Unforgettable 10th Birthday

Starting the day with 10 candles in a coffee cake 
Yesterday was Evan's 10th birthday. It was his 1st birthday in Doro and as we reflected on his 10 birthdays, we realized that he rarely has had a birthday in the same place 2 years in a row! What an adventurous life he's had so far! Not only did we start off the day with yummy coffee cake for breakfast but I declared it a holiday meaning, No School. The boys were thrilled!

In the afternoon friends came over to help fill water balloons for the party.

Filling them was a game all in itself!

Everyone was wet in no time

We still ended up with a good number of filled balloons

Part of the obstacle course Eli made

Another fun game Eli did with the kids

All we served was cake and juice but it was a treat for everyone

No one could possibly look cuter in those party glasses!

...Except maybe little Claire

Water fight
Besides the non stop fun all day, Evan was showered with love by our teammates. At the end of the day Evan realized that one of the perks of being on a big team is that he got lots of treats from everyone and he felt so loved. 

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Sandy said...

What a great birthday! BTW, do your neighbors have a fence between their house and yours? The last picture makes it look that way. It made me giggle!