Monday, August 24, 2015

Our Doro Home

The Kitchen
 This is a tour of our house in pictures. This house has been such a wonderful provision from the Lord. It was built by a lovely missionary family who won't be able to return for a few years, so in the meantime, they are graciously allowing us to live in it. The furnishings were already here when we arrived which was a huge blessing for us!

The main living area
 It is a nice large house with plenty of windows for the breeze to blow through. We use the main open area for our dining room and living room.

Our bedroom

The boys' room

We feel very much at home here already. A few days before we arrived the kids and I planted a small veggie patch and those plants are coming up and we even planted flowers along the front and side of the house. I'm realizing that since we move "homes" so often I jump all in right away, doing everything I can to make the new place home. Now we can sit back and enjoy this new place God brought us to.

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