Sunday, August 16, 2015

Exciting Times!

Blog: August 14, 2015
Not by Might
I want to share a very exciting thing that I got to be a part of yesterday. Before we even arrived in Doro, we heard about a certain people group that has been hostile to the gospel and to missionaries for decades, but is now placing their faith in Jesus. This people group have had to flee from their homeland which is further north of us due to unrest and fighting. Here they’ve had the opportunity to hear about Jesus and how much He loves them. A small group of new believers is growing out in a camp, a short drive from where we live. Yesterday I tagged along with one of my teammates and a Sudanese woman believer to go meet some of the women of this new baby church.

My teammate told them we’d come at 2 pm and there was already a group of about 8 women waiting in the small church building when we arrived. The “church building” was a small rectangular structure built with brambles and branches. It was a humble shelter but the women inside were the treasure. I could see right from the start that they had new life and new joy – you could see it in their eyes and all over their faces. They were so excited to see us and fellowship with us. My teammate began by sharing her testimony and the other woman and I shared ours briefly. All this was done in Arabic since this tribe is from the north and are familiar with Arabic. We then asked if some of them would share their stories of how Jesus is changing their lives. One lady shared that she is now learning how to forgive others. Another woman excitedly told us that she wants to learn as much as she can from God’s Word so that she can teach her children and raise them in the truth.

They hung on our every word as my teammate taught a short lesson using large colorful pictures. Then our Sudanese sister taught them a few Arabic songs and we prayed together. None of us wanted our time together to end but we needed to get back to our side of town. We all shared hugs and warm handshakes and agreed to meet back together next week on the same day at the same time.

As I sat there amidst these beautiful women with their gorgeous, eager faces taking in every word they heard, I couldn’t believe that I had the privilege to witness this incredible happening. After decades of missionaries trying to reach this group, many years of toil and tears, through great suffering that these people have gone through, they are finally coming to know Jesus as their Savior!
These women want more teaching, they want to learn what the Word of God says about God, about how we should live our lives and about the Hope that He gives. I feel ill-equipped, incapable. My Arabic is not where it should be to correctly teach from the Bible. So I wonder, “Lord, what is my part? How can I join you in this great work?”

This morning the Lord encouraged me as I read in Judges, the story of Gideon. He had many questions for the angel of the Lord who came to give him instructions in what to do. And when he questioned the angel, the messenger didn’t answer his questions. Instead he said, “Go in the strength you have. I am sending you.” This morning as I looked out at the early sunshine in the trees, in this beautiful spot in South Sudan, I felt the Holy Spirit saying, “Bethany, go in the strength I give you. I’m sending you.” I don’t have to have it all together. He can and will use me as I surrender to Him and do what He’s asking me to do.

It’s a little scary as I step forward but with your prayers and with the Lord in me and working through me, I know HE IS ABLE.


nmc said...

This is AMAZING!!!! Oh, the things that God can do! :D

Audrey said...

Wow, Beth! I can't wait to hear all the future ways that God is going to use you with these people! You have everything you need to minister to them, Beth. Even if your Arabic isn't where you want it to be, He's going to use you in amazing ways with these women.

Sandy said...

That is truly good news! What an honor to be a part of God's story in that way! I'm praising God for His powerful work and for the love that brought Jesus' good news to these new brothers and sisters!