Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cuddles at the Babies Home

About a month ago I realized that I needed an outlet, something I could do a few hours a week outside of the apartment building to stay healthy. In God's sweet way, He led me to New Life Home right in my neighborhood! Every Wednesday a babysitter comes to watch the boys from 1-5 pm and I head to the babies home to help wherever they need me. Every week has been different so far. I've been with the one year olds, the real little babies and the crawlers. They are such a joy!

We are actually not allowed to take pictures in the babies home so I haven't taken any but I found this photo online and it looks just like what I see at the babies home. There are 45 babies in this home from newborns to 2 years. Once they're 2 years old, they are moved to a home with older children.  This orphanage receives babies left in hospitals or abandoned on the streets. Each and every one is so precious, all with their own beautiful names. I find myself thinking of them and praying for them throughout the week. It's been such a neat experience for me to go each week and hold, feed, tickle and play with these little ones.

I have to admit that since adoption has always been a huge desire of mine, it has been hard to leave the babies home each week and not bring one home with me! How I wish we could be a family to one of these sweet little ones. But adoption and our crazy adventure in South Sudan just don't seem to be matching up right now. The two can't happen least they haven't been able to yet.

So as long as we're in Kenya I will keep going every Wednesday to this oasis in this huge city and cuddle all the babies I want and remind them that Jesus loves them and so do I.

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Jared Staples said...

Oh, Bethany, you are so good at cuddling babies! Give them all kisses for me.