Monday, June 01, 2015

It's All God's Anyway!

Friends and college students praying and dedicating our house in Melut to God
 In 2013 when we finished building our home on the Nile River on Gideon Theological College campus, the college community gathered together, ate a few goats and dedicated our house and 2 other homes to the Lord. We knew they were not ours - they were God's. And they still are. This is something I had to remind myself at the end of 2013 when war broke out all over Southern Sudan. And it's something I'm reminding myself of yet again. I can't understand why, even though I know everything in this world is temporary - why do I hold so tightly to some things in this world?

Hosting friends on our porch
 Since this house was built in 2013, I believe God has indeed used it for His purposes. In 2014 while we were on home assignment in the States, our teammates lived in it and continued to use its walls for ministering to others. At least 12 different nationalities (probably many more!) have sat in our plastic chairs and enjoyed a cold drink.

  So today, while I grieve a little more, (because I really loved that house), I am thankful for that special house on the Nile River and the months our family made memories within its walls. And I pray that somehow, despite the terrible injustice that came to Melut just 2 weeks ago, God will continue to use that house for His plans.

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