Tuesday, April 21, 2015

More Wonderful Visits

We continue to visit friends in town and it has been such a sweet, special time of reconnecting! Though the days are hot and we end up walking quite a distance to get to where we're going, the boys are such troopers and have enjoyed reuniting with many friends as well.
It feels like we've spent more time in town in these two weeks than we did in the two years we were here previously! Of course, before the college was in session and the majority of our ministry and life happened right on campus. It's a little different now with the college not in session yet.

The boys have been teaching Uno everywhere we go.

This is my sweet, sweet sister, Eliza
She helps us in our home

Visiting one of our college grads, Joseph Monywut
What a spread! The fish was amazing!

This is truly why we are here. To live with these people, walk through the highs and lows of life together, and help point each other to Christ.

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Kath Donker said...

Rhoda looks great. Joseph looks a little weary. The feast looks magnificent. Greetings GTC family.