Friday, April 03, 2015

Kenya Chapter Closing: New Chapter Opening!

A morning with family!
 We have now been in Kenya for 6 weeks. It's crazy to think that up to a few days ago, we weren't sure of our next move. But as we are learning, trusting the Lord day by day, at some point He allows us to turn and look back and we see His loving hand of care, provision, protection and faithfulness.

We now have a confirmed flight into Melut, South Sudan for April 7 so we fly in only 4 days. We are beyond excited and eager to get back, reconnect with friends we haven't seen in such a long while and get settled back into life on the Nile.

Before we close this chapter though, I want to pause and acknowledge the special blessings God has sprinkled amidst a very trying time for us as we waited on the Lord for the next step. During our time in Nairobi, Kenya we have been able to connect with many special people who happened to be "passing through" at the same time. A few days ago we got to spend a morning with Eli's brother Jason and his family who were passing through on their way to a conference in another part of Kenya. I made sure to catch up on my hugs and kisses on my sweet nieces!

We also had many opportunities to spend time with our dear friends the Clermont family who serve in Chad. Our paths have rarely crossed since our days of attending seminary together so the whole month of March with them was such an encouragement and blessing. We had 2 sleepovers, several pizza parties, and lots of fun in the pool!

Even though Eli was gone for several weeks of March in South Sudan on two different trips, we were thankful for some special family times as we prepared for Easter. No, it's not that hot in Kenya - the boys were shirtless so as to preserve their shirts from the dye!

More special friends who passed through!

There were many other special times I will cherish: a week with our teammates before they headed on their home assignment, a movie date with a sweet friend, meeting new Sudanese friends, and time praying and fellowshipping with our team here in Nairobi.

Melut Team 2015
So, bright and early on Tuesday morning, the 7th of April, this group of six that are pictured above will be boarding a small Cessna Caravan and traveling all the way to our small town of Melut in South Sudan. Please pray for our protection as we travel, for our adjustments to the heat, and for our team as we settle back into a new way of life. Pray that God will use us for His glory and for His Kingdom work.

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