Sunday, April 26, 2015

Another week

Just a few days after settling back into our house on the Nile River, we started homeschool back up in order to complete this school year by the end of June.

We had a lovely meal and time of fellowship with our college grad, Joseph Monywut and his family in their home.

Another one of our college grads, David Awan, and his large family of 9, are heading south to Yei in pursuit of better education for their children. We hosted a farewell tea on our porch with juice, tea, cake and cookies. We spent our time sharing memories of our years together and encouraging and thanking each other for what we meant to each other.

This is a regular happening in our home - the boys are ready to fish! This Saturday they spent most of the day in the river and Joshua caught his first catfish which he gave to our cat. Q-tip, our pet cat, who survived the 16 months we were away and has reunited with us, has been very thankful for the boys' hobby!

Joshua was so thoughtful to pick a bouquet of the river hyacinth flowers for Auntie Claire.

We are starting to feel like we are in a good rhythm here in Melut. We've had some very full weeks since we've spent a lot of time visiting and seeing old friends, but now I believe we are entering a new normal. Eli starts teaching English and Computer classes on Monday morning. The community is always begging us for English classes and teaching is what Eli loves to do more than anything. The classroom will be packed since there are almost 50 people registered!

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