Saturday, December 21, 2013

Ugandan Safari

This week we had the wonderful opportunity to go on safari just two hours from where my parents live! Instead of staying at a lodge we decided to have the full experience of wildlife and camp in tents.

Before you freak out, this elephant was just a statue at the lodge where we spent the afternoon swimming.

We went on several game drives - the longest being in the early morning. Josh liked being up front with Mimo (Grandma).

Mama elephant with her baby
We were able to get really close to several herds of elephant.

Isaac and Joshua with a buffalo skull

The Fader Five tent - plenty of space!

Our campsite was magnificent. It overlooked the channel where hippo, crocodiles and many other species of animals and water birds lived. At night we fell asleep and were even awakened a few times to the sounds of the wildlife around us.

A giant baboon

The first night we roasted hotdogs on our campfire and as Josh took his first bite he exclaimed, "Am I dreaming??!!!" The boys had such a fun time on this trip - every little boy's dream.

On our 2nd day we took a 2 hour boat cruise along the banks of the channel to see all the wildlife that lived in or near the water: elephants, buffalo, hippo, crocodiles, monitor lizards (like iguanas), fish eagles, pelicans, and many other spectacular water birds. The "cherry on the top" was that it was baby season so we got to see baby elephants, buffaloes, hippo, and even a baby crocodile!

We spent one afternoon at Mweya Lodge - a place that is special to Bethany's family because we used to go there when we were younger. We enjoyed the pool, cappuccinos, and the great view of the channel.
Camel fights on Uncle Stan and Uncle James' shoulders

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