Monday, December 23, 2013

Please pray with us for the unrest happening in South Sudan

Dear All,
I am writing from Uganda where we arrived on December 12 to celebrate Christmas with Bethany’s parents and brother.  We flew through Juba and spent an afternoon walking around the town with the kids; all seemed to be peaceful.
We are saddened at the news which has come out in the past week.  We have tried calling many of our friends who are either in Juba or in Melut but we believe the mobile networks have been shut down during this time as we have not been able to get through.  The news which has come from the media is conflicted and speculative.  In light of this, I will not try and give my slant on what is happening.  Instead, I ask that you would take a moment now and pray for the people and nation of South Sudan.  
1.) Pray for peace and safety for the majority of citizens of South Sudan who simply wish to live out their lives.  There is a common African Proverb that says “When the Elephants fight, it is the grass who suffers.”  
2.) Pray for courage and wisdom for the Church.  Ministers, Pastors, Priests and Christians will have a great opportunity to calm the nation through their words and through their actions.  The opposite is also an unfortunate possibility.  Please pray that these Ambassadors of Christ would use their positions and relationships to preach love and forgiveness during this time.  
3.) Pray for a crisis of identity for the people of South Sudan.  Especially at times like this, people’s true allegiances are revealed.  Will people choose to live out their allegiance to their tribe, their nation, their God, or their personal ambitions?  Many Southern Sudanese will have to make tough choices and actions in the next few weeks about whom they will serve.  Pray that they will find their true identity in Jesus Christ and do what He requires of them.  
Thank you for praying these three prayers with us.
In Christ,
P.s. For those who would seek our perspective on what is happening (albeit, flawed and limited) please do not hesitate to write us.  


Sandy said...

Bethany, I happened to read the news before bed. The lead story is about civil unrest in South Sudan. I immediately checked your blog.

I'm so glad for your recent post. I will be praying.

Anonymous said...

Praying for South Sudan and the people there. Sharing the prayer request with those here.

Holly (member of the Compass Church in IL)