Friday, September 06, 2013

God's Hand in a Miraculous Birth this week

GTC's newest baby

This last Wednesday another student's wife went into labor. This time we were worried about complications because she went into labor a month earlier than she’d calculated and she’s had very high blood pressure during her pregnancy. Claire, our teammate who is a nurse,  took her to the hospital around 10 am on Wednesday. A few other women on campus and I joined them at the hospital and spent most of the day assisting Claire and being there for Miriam (the laboring mother.) Honestly my emotions are still numb from everything that took place that day. I have been traumatized by the state of our hospital here and have decided NEVER to take any member of my family there. Miriam delivered a baby girl around 3:30 pm and honestly, we almost lost her. Her blood pressure shot so high she started convulsing and then went unconscious. While my teammate Amie held the newborn baby, Claire and I gently talked to Miriam (Claire in English and me translating into Arabic.) At one point Claire turned to me and said, “We’re losing her. PRAY!” Less than a minute later we started coaxing her, “Miriam, if you can hear my voice, try to open your eyes.” I guess the drug they gave her for her blood pressure made her lose her muscle strength so she was very drowsy and couldn’t move. I cannot tell you the utter joy and awe I had for God at the moment her beautiful eyes fluttered open!
    Fast forward to today, Friday. Little Baby Claire (named after her amazing nurse!!!) is doing great. She showed some signs of infection (or so the Sudanese staff thought) so they’ve been keeping them at the hospital. We’ve made many trips back and forth taking food, taking her other five children to meet their new sister, and this afternoon carting gallons of hot water so she could have a nice hot bath. I won’t bore you with the list of things you have to bring for your hospital stay. Basically, just pack everything. All they provide is a bed. Period. We are all looking forward to hopefully bringing Miriam and baby Claire back to campus tomorrow.


Miriam and Baby Claire

A new friend

This young mother also arrived at the hospital on Wednesday morning with a 2 week old baby who was diagnosed with malaria. Over the last few days we got to know her a bit. The other women in the maternity ward loved watching and listening to the khawadjas (foreigners) as we loved on Miriam.

As you read this blog please also pray for one last student wife who is due any day. Her name is Rhoda and since the last 2 labors have been quite traumatic she is nervous. Pray for Claire to recuperate from her long 36 hour stay at the hospital with Miriam and baby so she'll be ready to help with Rhoda's delivery whenever that may be.

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Jessica said...

Bethany, every time I read these Sudanese birth stories, I'm struck by just how different my life is from so much of the world. I'm so glad that you get to be there to witness and care for these women as they bring new life into the world. Praise God for delivering Miriam and baby Claire to safety!