Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our "baby" is 5 today!

Today, July 10, our "little" Joshua Daniel turns 5! It is amazing how the time flies. I always enjoy looking back at the years...

Josh was born in Nairobi, Kenya and his two older brothers were so excited to meet him!

Our family photo as the "Fader Five" taken the day we flew back into South Sudan with our 8 week old.

Walking home from the airstrip, the village children crowded around to get peak at the new kawadja  (white) baby.
3 months old in Yabus, Sudan

Learning to walk with his namesake: Daniel

Right at home in Sudan - age 1

18 months, celebrating Christmas in Uganda with grandparents

Age 2 in America on furlough

Age 3 in Khartoum, Sudan

Age 4 in Melut, South Sudan

Grandpa's boy, see the resemblance?

Joshua, we love you so very much. May you grow in knowledge and love for your Savior!

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Josh! Such a cute memory photo collection! Mmmm that cinnamon roll looked pretty yummy in the top picture! ~Anya