Monday, July 29, 2013

Guinea Fowl Stew

Guinea fowl have kind of been an obsession in our family lately. Since all of the students have planted gardens, including us, we have become very protective of our hard work. These little rascals come in the early morning and evening and scratch up and eat the seeds and little budding plants. So for the past few months Eli and the boys have experimented with different types of traps and hunting.
    A week ago they learned a new technique from our Sudanese friends - a trap made of string with lots of different loops that is stretched over a large area so the birds get caught in them. Today around lunchtime Isaac heard the familiar squawk of a fowl in trouble. He rushed out and was able to grab the fowl while it was still stuck. "Guinea fowl for dinner tonight Mom", he proudly announced as he carried the bird onto our porch to show it off.

A few hours later German, Isaac's best friend, came over to help kill it for me. We have a sweet deal whenever we get chickens or ducks that he will butcher and de-gut it if I give him the innards, head and feet. This is a great deal! As you can see, all the kids thought it was very entertaining.

All ready to put in the pot. I know it looks a little pathetic!

After browning it in the pressure cooker, I poured in some seasonings and dehydrated vegetables (the only fresh produce we can get in market right now are onions, garlic and sweet potatoes!) and an hour later - voila!

Guinea fowl stew was a big hit! And that scrawny little bird fed our family of 5, our teammate Claire, and 6 little neighbor friends. :)


Anonymous said...

Yay, Isaac - good job! We would like to see a picture of the trap, too.
Anna and Abi

Sandy said...

What a great story! BTW, I can't believe how much your son (the one in the last picture) looks like Anna Fader! Cuties!