Thursday, June 27, 2013

Marriage "Buzz"

      On Sunday Eli preached a fantastic sermon on marriage using Scripture passages from both Ephesians 5 and Genesis 2. Though the sound system decided not to work that Sunday, the whole congregation was all ears for his entire sermon. Why? Eli was giving them encouraging  and challenging words about something close to their hearts - their marriage.
      Not only did many come up and thank him after the service but his sermon has been the "talk of the town" this week. I've already had 2 very good conversations with some of the student wives regarding things Eli talked about and also what we had discussed in the women's conference last week. It is so encouraging to hear these women talk about what God says our marriages should be like. It would be easy to talk about the cultural differences in marriage but it is so refreshing instead to focus on what the Bible says about marriage and how wives and husbands should treat one another.
    This week God has reminded me that our lives spent here in South Sudan are a daily sowing of seeds. Seeds that God will water and grow in His perfect time.

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