Friday, February 22, 2013

Introducing MORE new teammates!

We would like to introduce another new family who just joined our team here in Melut yesterday! Jonathan and Amie Cross from Washington State have four children: Providence (far left), Rosemary (on the right), William (standing) and Daniel (being held by his mama.)

Eli hired a truck to transport their things from the airport an hour away to their new home in Melut on GTC campus. All the children were so excited to greet them and welcomed them with special songs and drumming.

The girls jumped right in to making friends. The girls on campus are thrilled to have more girls to play with.

Karen Heska (who's been here a week now) and her neighbor Mary, welcomed Amie to her newly finished house.

First thing the very next day the Cross children had already joined in the Nile fun. Isaac and Evan made new fishing poles out of bamboo and fishing line for the girls and showed them how it's done.

This afternoon while all the kiddos were having rest time we had a 2 hour orientation meeting under the shade of a tree within ear shot of all our houses. :) We are sooooo thrilled to have a growing team.


Anonymous said...

YEA for more new teammates. We miss you and love you -

reginag said...

Goodluck to everyone!

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diego ospina said...

exelete trabajo el de ustedes :)