Thursday, January 24, 2013

January Highlights

After a beautiful 3 weeks together, Mom and Dad traveled back to Uganda on January 10th and we settled back into our normal schedule.

The biggest highlight this month was the arrival of all our building supplies from Juba. This meant we could finally begin building our house!
On January 23rd we finally began seeing building above ground. :)

The boys and their friends are really into hunting guinea fowl these days. There is a large flock of about 16 that roams our compound in the early mornings or late afternoon and they were thrilled to catch their first one!

Julia, one of our student wives, has been overdue and it seems we've been waiting for this baby to come any day for several weeks. On Monday the  21st of January Julia finally gave birth to a precious baby girl and I got to be there for the birth - 3rd baby I've got to assist with on our compound!

This was a precious moment I happened upon. I hadn't seen Joshua in a while and when I went looking for him I found him helping Eliza, our house helper, washing the laundry behind our house.

Our friends next door gave us an exercise ball they didn't want anymore so it's made our river fun every afternoon even more fun!

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