Friday, December 07, 2012

Learning how to mud

'Tis the season for mudding! Here in South Sudan, everyone re-muds their huts so they are new and beautiful for the new year. This week the mudding has begun. It is mostly a woman's work but on our campus our men have servant's hearts and they joined in to help. Our first project was to mud the bottoms of our metal containers to keep the bees out. Some of you might have heard that when we moved these 2 metal shipping containers a few weeks ago we had to deal with clouds of angry bees for 48 hours. They had built their honeycomb underneath the containers. We want to convert these containers into guest houses on campus so we want to do whatever we can to keep the bees OUT for good. The answer was: MUD.

Eli and the boys had the fun job of mixing the mud, grass, and water to make it just the right consistency for the first "coat."

Now that we've been in Sudan for almost 5 years, I figured it's about time I learned how to mud. My friends showed me and soon I had joined in.

As I mentioned above,  mudding is a woman's work. Elizabeth, on the right, explained to me that every woman has her own "style" of mudding. Sure enough, I noticed this and developed my own style I'm sure.

Even 3-year-old Nyagua joined in.

2 hours later both foundations on the containers were mudded. We had a great time chatting and singing while we worked and after cleaning up we all went and enjoyed some tea and coffee together. As we were all heading home Elizabeth, on the far right in the picture above, announced that she'll be mudding first thing in the morning at their house and we're all invited to join. Guess we'll be getting some mudding experience this month!!!

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