Saturday, November 03, 2012

Our newest visitor: Neil Turner

\This week we've had a lovely visit with our new friend Neil Turner from Australia. He is an agriculture expert and has come to survey our land and give input and ideas about how we might be able to better use our land at GTC for planting and farming.

This morning he enjoyed the scenery from our front yard.

This morning Neil and Eli's project was to measure how tall the old water tower is to see if we might be able to use it in the future.

Eli threw the rope up and over the top rung and then after they'd marked it on the rope they measured it on the ground (see below.)


Mr. Neil has been a huge blessing in our home: teaching us new songs, helping with the dishes, and loving on our boys like a Grandfather would. When we live so far from our own family, it's so encouraging when others step in and give that love and attention that a grandparent would.

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Sandy said...

Awww! Mr. Neil looks like an awesome "grandpa!" What a nice visit.

Your posts are a blessing to me, Bethany! Inspiring me to live one day at a time, enjoying God's adventure and provision.

Love, Sandy Quinn