Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Highlights of the week

We've only been back from Kenya for 9 days and already our week has been very full! After 2 weeks in Kenya we discovered that little baby Isaac (born in the cornfield - scroll down to September for the full story) grew like a weed while we were away. It is such a joy to see such a chubby, healthy little guy!

Baby Isaac

Today the boys and their friends trapped this egret. I think Isaac's best friend wants to keep it as a pet but we'll see how long that lasts. Joshua was completely mesmerized by the bird today and got too close to the frustrated bird and got pecked in the face. Not many kids get to say they got pecked in the face by an egret, but I still feel sorry for Josh and have warned him to stand back from now on!

Yesterday in Claire's weekly health class for the student wives she taught about the dangers of drowning. She explained different methods for rescuing people out of the water and then she discussed life-saving techniques.

Isaac was sweet to volunteer to be the "dummy" for us to demonstrate some basic CPR.


Eli has had several meetings with our builder who is going to start construction on our house hopefully very soon. I had to include this photo to brag on our amazing view in our front yard!!!

In the heat of the afternoon the boys brought out board games and played in the shade.

Josh has Jeremiah wrapped around his little finger!!! Jeremiah has known Josh since he was only 2 months old!

With the weather getting hotter the students at the college are getting creative about making more comfortable places to study. Here, our good friend Yuna, set up his own study place outside under a tree.

I was over visiting with some of the women today and all of a sudden we heard a racket coming from Viola's house - the lady who bakes bread and sells it to everyone on campus. This mischevious sweetheard apparently got into the flour!!! Eli said we probably shouldn't buy today's bread!!! :)

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Dear all,

It is so wonderful to hear your stories and to see the pictures.
You are such an inspiration,

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