Thursday, July 26, 2012

Witnessing God's Healing

    We witnessed such a magnificent answer to our prayer in the last few days, that I just HAVE to share it with all of you! A few days ago I went to visit Elizabeth, one of our students who lives on campus. When I entered her yard I was surprised to see a large group of women gathered. Julia, a neighbor was busy making coffee and tea and there was a plastic tarp on the ground with a mattress and a woman lying on the mattress covered with a bedsheet.
    I greeted everyone and then found out that the woman lying down was Elizabeth's sister who was very very sick with cerebral malaria. I bent down to look into her face and her eyes were open and looking at me but not really seeing. The women explained to me that she'd felt sick earlier in the week and went to the hospital where they said it was malaria but only gave her IV fluids and sent her home. 2 days later the untreated malaria had worsened and gone to her brain (at least I think that's how it works.) So she was acting like a woman out of her mind. My teammate Claire also bent down to greet the woman and the woman looked at her and then jumped to her feet and bolted! She got up and ran like she had seen a ghost. But because she was so weak and sick she collapsed a few feet away and actually went unconscious for a few minutes. Several ladies picked her up and brought her back to her bed on the mat and Elizabeth stayed close to her. She told me that earlier in the day, the sick woman had jumped up and started running so fast Elizabeth couldn't catch her. She headed straight for the river and thankfully another student was digging in his garden, saw her and knew he needed to stop her so he caught her as she came his way.
     Both Claire and I were very disturbed and saddened to hear all the details of her sickness and what the family had been through the last few days. We knelt next to her mat and prayed for her healing, for her family, and for protection over all the people there. We weren't sure if it was truly sickness or something spiritual. But we knew we could pray in Jesus' name and ask for God to intervene.
   Intervene He did! The next day Claire and I went back to check on her and she was sitting up and looked so much better. Elizabeth told us she'd been eating, drinking, and had slept well the night before. We were thrilled to hear how quickly she was recovering and that she hadn't tried to run away again. As I was reflecting on this woman today I was in awe of God's mercy and how He shows His power in such a magnificent way for all to see. There was quite a group of women visiting the sick lady that day when we prayed over her and I hope that they are seeing our God work in a way they've never seen before. And most of all, I'm praying for this woman (forgive me, her name is difficult to remember so I've forgotten it already!). Elizabeth shared that her sister hasn't been living for the Lord so maybe this was a wake up call for her. Elizabeth has already been talking to her about it and I pray the Lord will gently draw her back into His loving arms.


Katie said...

WOW!!! Bethany, this is an amazing story of God's faithfulness and miraculous power!!! Praying for you guys and sending lots of love your way...


Anonymous said...

This is some serious encouragement! I'm excited to hear how God is already working in South Sudan. -the older Klays

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