Thursday, July 12, 2012

Starting a new home school year

Last week we started a new school year for the boys. Isaac is in 2nd grade, Evan in 1st grade and Joshua is in preschool. He listens in on all the books and then does a page or two in his special workbook as you see below.

  This is Josh's first time to join us since I was doing homeschool during his afternoon nap while we were in Khartoum. The highlights so far have been reading Charlotte's Web outloud together and memorizing Psalm 1:1-2.

I have to include one of Evan's amazing lego creations. He is always coming up with something new. Today (not pictured) he actually made a huge barge like we see float up and down the river every day.


MiakWadang said...

Hello, I do enjoy your communication about your family so much, brings back so many memories with our 3 and later 4 children living in the same compound 1978 until 1983. They loved it and even on holiday in beautiful Austria they said ... lets go home to Melut ...
All of them profited from living in SSudan for their life and I can see that Gods blessings are with them, they were not suffering children kept away from all the goodies and developments in their homecountry, but blessed with crosscultural experience. God bless you and protect you, hope to meet you in Melut. Herbert Bronnenmayer MD SIM/SIC PHCP 1978-83

Ruth said...

Engineer in the making!