Tuesday, July 10, 2012

South Sudan's 1st Birthday Celebration in Melut

     Yesterday, July 9th 2012 was the 1 year anniversary of the new Republic of South Sudan being its own nation! People celebrated all day and all night. This morning at 6 am, I heard the final announcer end the program! Though it was a hot day, we ventured to town to see the tribal dancing and learn how the Dinka celebrate.

 The South Sudan Flag

 This might be hard to tell but Bethany is dancing with an older woman and everyone watching is enjoying the entertainment!

 I couldn't believe this guy! He'd been drumming his drum so hard and for so long that his hand was bleeding. But that didn't stop him! Can you see the blood mark on his drum?

 We were definitely swarmed, especially our boys, as little white-skinned boys are a rare sight! Bus loads of people and youth came from nearby towns to celebrate.
 Many interesting costumes and dances

 This was a special dance done by the men and young boys with shields and spears.

I close with this picture of this precious little face of a young child who looks malnourished and barely clothed. Though there was a lot of singing, dancing, drumming, and ululating yesterday, several Sudanese friends (especially those from areas in South Sudan that still don't truly have peace) commented to me that they weren't really happy on this day because their people are still very much suffering and there is no end in sight of the war crimes being committed against innocent people. Not to mention the thousands and thousands of refugees who live in horrific conditions and are hanging onto life by a thread.
     Don't be discouraged by this last paragraph by rather, PRAY. Pray your heart out and don't stop praying until we see PEACE and JUSTICE come to the Republic of South Sudan. They've had a rough first year but we are hopeful. After all, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH OUR GOD!

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Elaine J. Standridge said...

Love your pictures! What a wonderful path you have choosen. God bless you and your family.