Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Creative Play Time

 Yesterday afternoon Isaac and Evan came to me with their collection of shells from the beach last weekend and some of the candies they've been saving up and announced that they were going outside to set up their own dukan (shop) to sell them. I knew this would be a great photo op. 5 minutes later I went outside and this is what I found!

 They realized quickly that none of their friends had money to pay for the candy and shells so they made play money with old phone scratch cards that were lying around the street. In a matter of minutes all the candies were gone and they had managed to pick up a bit of the litter around. :)

 Fox, the neighborhood dog, who likes to get in on the fun, joined the group. I didn't get a picture but he actually snatched the plastic bag away that had the boys' shells. The chase had us all rolling with laughter and had Evan rolling in the sand!

By the time the boys came in for supper they were all covered in dust and dirt and definitely in need of a good bath. But I could only smile with pleasure that they think of such creative ways to have fun in this desert we call Home.

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Hank Hendricks said...

Why most of the people use plastic key tags for Scratch Cards scratching?