Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Beautiful Time with Ladies on Monday

 I met Lucy when she came to the baby shower I hosted at my house. She invited a bunch of us to her house on Monday evening. We had a really wonderful time, drinking several types of juice, Sudanese coffee, and eating several delicacies.

 This is Lucy on the left. She did a full coffee ceremony for us and we enjoyed sipping the very strong, very sweet tiny teacups of coffee. I enjoyed it so much I couldn't stop at just one cup and paid for it later that night when I couldn't fall asleep until after midnight!

Rasha and Asia joined the party as well. What a great time with beautiful ladies. I'm sure going to miss them!


Anonymous said...

So sweet, Bethany! Tell Rasha I said hey back, she was waiving in one of the pics! ;-)

sadamjadoon said...

crank up the hits to your web address ... no cost

chstockton said...

Praying for your travels, rest, and resettling.