Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Palace Museum

 Today Eli and I went to visit the Palace Museum here in Khartoum with our friends Brett and Cathy.
The museum is in an old Anglican church built by the British exactly 100 years ago.

 The President's Palace is directly behind the museum. We accidentally pulled into the driveway when we were looking for parking and were reprimanded 2 separate times!

 Encarved in the door of the church it says, "There is but one God."

 Eli, Brett, and Cathy stand in front of the beautiful stained glass windows and the weapons case.

 A beautiful elaborate coffee tray presented as a gift to the President when he visited Port Sudan.

 The first piano brought to Sudan by General Gordon

 The first organ brought to Sudan after Sudan finally got electricity


Mom & Dad! said...

Wow, what a gorgeous country! (I am so jealous....)Thx for the pics. I am so proud of the Fader Five! <3 Mom

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Great photos! This building is very interesting, such beautiful design, and sculptures, it is all cool!

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