Sunday, September 11, 2011

Getting ready for a wedding - Sudanese style

 Our neighbor's daughter got married yesterday and we got to finally experience their wedding customs. The first thing I Bethany got to do was go to a "kofeer" for the first time - a ladies salon. I went with my neighbor friend Maisoon and since it takes some time to draw on and then dry, I got to chat with the other ladies getting henna done as well.

 Apparently when you have henna done, it's imperative you wear heels to show it off!

 An hour before the wedding I went over to Maisoon's house because she wanted to get me ready. She first took a straight edge razor to my face and removed all my peach fuzz! Then she caked my face with powder, loads of eyeshadow, rouge and lipstick. The finishing touch was putting the traditional tobe (Rhymes with robe) on - what a true married Sudanese woman wears!

Since the wedding didn't start until 9 pm, our teammates stayed home with our boys and Eli and I anticipated a fun date. We arrived to find that men and women sit separately so it wasn't exactly the date we expected but it sure was fun. Eli had quite different experiences, including a special ceremony earlier on the wedding day to witness the signing of the marriage certificates/agreements (only men and by special invitation). He offered to write about his side of the story...more to come.


Mom said...

Honey, I am so proud of you for getting into their culture and doing what they do! You too, Eli! What a fun date you 2 went on (you know, sitting separately, etc)! You guys looked scrumptious, BTW! Love, Mom

Amrita said...

Very similar to our Indian traditions.

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I am so proud of you for getting into their culture and doing what they do!

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