Wednesday, June 08, 2011

My first tea party

 Yesterday (Tuesday) was the first time I actually got to host friends over. Our teammates come over often and other neighbors drop in but yesterday was my first chance to have a few ladies over for tea and cake. I was so excited that I decided I needed to run down to the large outdoor market to find a nice tea set so I had something pretty to serve tea with. While Eli stayed home with the boys during their nap, I took a ruckshaw (the 3 wheeled taxis) and took off on an adventure of my own. After looking at many dainty pink and blue tea sets, this heartier brown and orange set caught my attention. Thanks to the bright colors in our house (orange and yellow paint) I decided to keep the motif going and bought this orange and brown set. :)

 Another reason I was so excited for Heather and Rasha to come to my house was because I wanted to take this opportunity to thank them both for everything they've done for me to help get me settled in in our new home. Heather, our teammate, spent weeks before we arrived helping with our visa process and looking for a nice home for our family. She arranged everything so that when we arrived we could move straight into our furnished 3 bedroom flat! What a blessing! She then spent the past 2 weeks taking me around to all the important places: supermarkets, butcher, bakery, veggie man, etc. She and her husband have been so generous with their time and we have been so grateful for their friendship and company here. Heather had introduced me to Rasha, her closest friend here. Immediately Rasha also took me under her wing and helped us find the great Arabic school where our boys now attend. So I wanted to somehow express to these beautiful women how thankful I am.

After tea, cake, and trying to follow difficult Arabic conversations I was happy but tired out. :)

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