Friday, June 17, 2011

Language Learning Update

We have now been in Khartoum for almost 4 weeks. We feel like we are settled in our new home, making new friends with our neighbors, the children have adjusted to their new Arabic school, and we're learning our way around the city. I would even venture to say that we're getting used to the heat! This is good timing because on Monday, June 20th, we'll officially begin Arabic classes. We are beginning with a program called LIFE that uses the Thompson method for language learning which as far as I know, is more interactive, conversational, and uses a lot of hands on activity with props and actions. Our schedule for the next 6 weeks will be to have class 5 days a week, 2 hours a day. Study outside of class is also necessary and we're striving to put in 2 additional hours of personal study and review at home plus of course practicing our new language skills with our friends and neighbors.
     As I've learned since arriving, we have no lack of opportunity for language practice. We live in a wonderful neighborhood where everyone is very friendly and have opened their homes and extended friendship to us. We are so thankful for this.
    So as next week begins, please remember to pray for our family. Pray for Isaac, Evan, and Joshua as they learn new Arabic words every day. It's not easy for them to be immersed in Arabic for 4 hours every morning but they're handling it well and enjoying it. Also please pray for Eli and I to find a good balance between class time, study time, and caring for our family. This is not an easy season of life but more and more God confirms to us that this is exactly where He wants us for this year.

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Audrey said...

Great update, Beth! I just read your last two blogs to Mom in the car. We're on the way to pick up our Uhaul truck to move in an hour!

We want to ask whether the boy's school is Muslim? Do the teachers speak English? Are there other English speaking kids in their class?