Thursday, June 23, 2011

143 words in 1 week!

 Yes, I'm serious! We learned 143 words in our first 4 days of Arabic class. About 50% of them we knew already but our friend Scott is new to Sudan and is keeping up wonderfully. At this rate, we're excited about the progress we'll make in 1 month!

 As you can see in the picture we have fun! We're using the Thomson method which is more hands on and interactive. When we learn new words, the teacher tells us the word and points to the object. We are only listening for the first 30 hours of class so we're not allowed to speak unless we have a question. After she tells us the word several times, she then says the word and asks us to point to the object or picture. Today we combined all the objects from all 4 days.

After we go over new words, our teacher records all the new words and we listen to the recordings later at home. Eli and I have carved an hour out of every afternoon to sit down and review everything from that day. So far so good although I cannot tell you how tired we've been this week!

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So, I do not actually consider this may have success.

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