Friday, May 27, 2011

Our new home

 I want to give you a brief tour of our new home. For those of you who know me, I usually enjoy blues and more neutral colors but our new apartment is painted orange through most of the apartment and our 2 bedrooms are mustard yellow! At first it made me cringe but I've now decided to embrace the bright happy colors and when I went shopping for towels the other day I purposefully chose bright yellow! The best part about our apartment was that it was furnished. Since we paid 6 months of rent up front the landlady also installed a water filter, a brand new washing machine, air conditioners in the bedrooms, and even a water heater in one of the bathrooms. So far we've enjoyed the cool showers but we're told we'll want warm showers when it cools down. :) The picture above and below are our bedroom.
 This is my picture wall. I had one in Yabus and it was daily encouraging to pray for our friends and family back home and be reminded of all who love and support us.

 This is the boys' room. Eli's going to buy or make bunk beds so they'll have more space to play in their room.
 My beautiful orange kitchen. It originally only had a stove top as you can see on the counter but Eli bought us a small oven from a family leaving - just big enough for a 9x13 pan.

 This is the living room. Isaac and Evan have their rest time here every afternoon.

 I discovered a great way to keep Joshua happy for an hour at a time! Basin with bubbles and cold water and he's happy.
This was the amount of dirt I swept up after the giant dust storm we had on our first day here. But I sweep up just about this much every day.


Diana said...

Love your home! It makes Eric and I miss Africa so much. Continuing to pray hard for you guys. Thanks for all the email updates.

Amrita said...

Your new home home is lovely. I like th e bedroom and kitchen the most.

Oh don 't talk about dust storms, we are having them frequently here in India and I am tired of trying to keep the house clean.

Anonymous said...

Love your home! Bethany, bright colors are really cool - I would call your kitchen peach-colored though. Whoaaaaa, God is so wonderful the way he blesses us, huh?

love, Mom

P.S. Each day we spend with you guys in Sudan, Kenya, or Uganda is a blessing from the Lord!

Doug and Heike said...

Thanks for posting pictures, helps us visualize your life and even know how to pray better. =) LOVE you guys! said...

I saw a lot of useful material in this post!

Randolph Coleson said...

Well, it's nice that you like the new colors. It's best to get a feel of the new surroundings first, instead of trying to change it immediately. In any case, the rest of the place looks very nice, so thanks for the tour!

Clorinda Altavilla said...

That's a different way to welcome you there on your first day! You must be used to it by now… How many hours did it take you to remove all the dust? Hehe, I know "hours" may seem a bit exaggerated, but it seemed like it!