Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fit Fit Anyone?

Yesterday was a stretching day.  I went to a local market to buy several items including a transformer, extension cords, screws, mollies, caulk, and a couple tarps.  It went well and I found an older man, Rashid, who helped me find several items.  In typical Sudanese fashion, he was extremely hospitible and invited me to eat breakfast with him (it was 11 AM).  I declined, he insisted, I declined again, he insisted...on and on went the game.  Finally, he got me very interested in trying something called fit-fit.  I had never heard of this before so he ordered some and while it was being prepared, I tried to inquire into what exactly fit-fit was made from.  I couldn't tell whether the issue was my limited arabic or his dodging the question, but I never got a straight answer. 
The fit-fit came and it was DELICIOUS.  I could see onions, a bit of white sauce, and some chewy dark pieces of thinly sliced meat.  They kindly left the ridiculously hot spices on the side instead of adding them to the fit-fit. 
We would tear off a bit of Kisra (sorghum pancake) which was flooded in a soup and eat that.  We would chase that down with a small hand full of fit-fit.  It was an excellent meal.  However, I noticed that after we had finished eating, either my Arabic got suddenly better or Rashid felt he could tell me what fit-fit was.  With a laugh, a smile, and a wink to his friends, he shared that it was raw cow stomach.  Now I understand!  
Fit-fit and I spent the rest of the day together, happily watching the Manchester United-Barcelona game at 10pm (what a game!) but this morning was a different story.  That might be my last fit fit for a few days. 


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you needed some A&W rootbeer to help it go down. Hope you are feeling better!

-Jack Branney

Anonymous said...

He definitely waited to tell you that it was cow stomach--too funny!

Are all of the locals that friendly that they will just share a meal and spend an afternoon with someone they meet in the marketplace?

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